English Degrees: A Valuable Asset in the Corporate World

Choosing an academic major in college is one of the most important decisions a person will make about their future. Students should choose a major that will help them obtain a professional career with great earning potential. Professionals spend a great amount of time working, which is why it’s also important to choose an academic major you find interesting. I chose to major in English because I enjoyed reading and writing literature. An English degree also prepared me for a variety of careers in many different fields.


Although I planned to pursue a career in professional writing, I decided to take advantage of the teaching option offered with the degree plan. English majors interested in teaching can minor in education, which would allow me to teach primary and secondary school. Although teachers don’t earn a high salary, they do enjoy great benefits and paid time off.


Many aspiring writers like myself become English majors in hopes of having a career in the journalism field. Many professional writers find jobs at newspapers, magazines, advertising agencies, and television stations. Although many people start out as writers in the journalism field, many professionals advance into editorial roles. Some English majors become freelance writers, which allows them to set their own hours and be their own boss. Social media sites and blogs have become very popular in recent years and can generate an impressive income. Freelance writing is also a great way to make extra money in your spare time.

Technical Writing and Research

English majors can make a good income as technical writers and researchers. As an English major, I learned advanced research and writing skills that many employers find very valuable. Businesses need technical writers to create product descriptions and manuals. Companies also hire technical writers to create training material for their employees. English majors can also work in the research field. Research companies hire technical writers to create reports and presentations for medical products and research.

Earning an English degree has opened the door to a variety of job opportunities that I find interesting and rewarding. By taking advantage of the teaching option in my degree plan, I have become qualified to teach primary and secondary education. My coursework in English studies has prepared me for a career in the journalism field as a writer or editor. My degree has also equipped me with the skills necessary to begin a career in technical writing and research.

Get Ahead With A Higher Degree


Everyone needs an education. This is a fact that is generally agreed upon around the world. The issue that is at hand in today’s society is how much education is enough, and if everyone truly needs to go to college.

College vs High School

A high school diploma will generally get you a job. That is about all it will do. The jobs that are presently available to high school graduates do not pay a whole heck of a lot of money, and do not offer a lot of job security. These are usually general labor jobs that are physically demanding and carry long hours.

An education from a college or university can help the individual get so much more. The job market opens up even at the two year degree level. The rate of pay also continues to increase as the level of educational attainment increases.

Demands of the Market

An issue that many employers face is the demands of technology. As technological advances get more and more complicated employers need employees that understand the advances and can manipulate them. This is across all areas of the company as well. A degree in computer science is not necessarily needed to secure a job.

Business degrees, teaching degrees and even degrees in english and politica science are all pluses when seeking a job in today’s demanding job market. Those individuals who know how to operate the machines, interface well with customers and can handle the pressure and demands of suppliers are the individuals that will be at the highest demand.


This is a subjective word at best when addressing the issue of education. Although it does apply in more than one aspect. When in the university or college setting, the individual will need to deal with a lot of different scenarios. These can include pressure from deadlines, assignments being due, tests, and even registration and how to pay for the degree.

These scenarios apply directly with the workforce. Having dealt with these deadlines and pressures in the university the individual will be better able to deal with them when they arise in their working environment. That is what a higher education can do for you.

An education opens the doors for not only better jobs that you want to have, but it can also open doors to coping and strategies that you never knew you were capable of. The education is only the tip of the iceberg. The many social and business skills that are acquired simply by attending the classes and getting the degree are what most employers desire in their work force.

I Will Master My Education and Receive a Degree


What does my future hold? How am I going to learn and grow? I am so excited to be able to announce the fact that I am working toward a degree. I am educating myself and forever changing the course of my future. Once one earns a degree they can’t lost that degree. When one learns something they can’t lose what they have learned. I am so happy to be in school and working toward something that will stick with me for the rest of my life. I am so excited to have a bright future ahead of me. I know that I can be anything that I want to be, and I will work hard to make sure that I have a good life coming up.

Once I have earned my degree I will be able to get a job that will pay me a decent wage. I will be able to earn the kind of money that I have always wanted to earn. The education that I am receiving is going to help me get the kind of job that I can be excited about. I know that I am going to move on to things that are great. The whole world awaits me, and I can do what I want with my life.

Scholarships Have Changed My Life


I grew up without a whole lot of money. My family didn’t have money to waste. My parents did all that they could to provide for me and my siblings, but they never had money for any extras. Thanks to the help that scholarships offer I am excited to announce that I am working toward a degree. Because of the help that scholarships have given me I will not be stuck in the same rut that my parents were in. I am working toward a degree that is going to change my future. I am earning a degree that will change my life forever.

The degree that I am working toward is one that will help me get ahead in my career. I will have career options that will allow me to earn a good income. I will have money to spend on things that I want. I will be able to give back to my parents. I will not be poor in the way that my parents were. I am working toward a future that will be great, and I have this opportunity because of the scholarships that I have been given. I will earn a degree that will change my life and my future, and that degree will help me be all that I have ever wanted to be.